Delta Sigma Theta begins week by honoring students

Delta Sigma Theta begins week by honoring students

Delta Sigma Theta began their “Unsolved Crimson Mysteries” themed week by honoring the minority students on UTM’s campus at their annual “Scholastic Salute” event.

The event honors students who have done well academically and began with a welcome by Dominix Gibson and the History of Eta Xi by Bria Evans.

The speaker for the event was Danny Donaldson, a Martin, Tennessee, native and alumni of UTM. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music. He then attended the Southern School of Optometry and now co-owns Eye-Care of Martin here in Martin.

Donaldson spoke on his “10 do’s and dont’s for the road of life.”

“I look at life like its a journey and I always have. It’s always allowed me to push forward,” stated Donaldson.

He encouraged students to not stay stuck in the “garage” and quotes “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” a famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote. He also reminded students they will make wrong turns, but you can always get back on track. He used a GPS as an example stating “When you make a wrong turn going down the road your GPS will recalculate, and you’ll always get back on track.”

Moreover, he encouraged students to look out the windows sometimes, urging them to enjoy the world around them and have fun.

The also announced the recipients of the D. Patrice Boyd Scholarship of Excellence. This year’s recipients were Dorothy Boyle, Lanell Gladney, Jamal Gleen, and Caleb Giles. The students were chosen because they are the minority students on campus with the highest GPA’s. Each recipient received a trophy and a scholarship.

The next event for Delta Week will be the “Plead the Fifth” forum at 6:13 in UC Room 225 ABC.

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