Creative Corner: the spotlight for student artists

Creative Corner: the spotlight for student artists

Though she started with humble beginnings in children’s choirs, Susanna Brown, junior, from the small town of Savannah, dreams of teaching music in Nashville.

Having been raised in an incredibly musically-oriented family, Brown began singing as a child and even sang in a local production of “The Sound of Music” when she was only five years old.

With a dream to help those around her, Brown wants to teach music to children in Nashville. Before switching her major to Music Education, Brown was a psychology major with hopes of being a child psychiatrist. She later decided she could have a larger influence in their lives through her love of music.

Brown dreams of inspiring children with the same love that music has always been in her life. “Ever since I’ve joined the Music Department it’s just been like [being] showered in love. We’re just this huge family. Classes are awesome and it’s what I love to do.”


(Junior Music Education major Susanna Brown. Pacer Photo/Bre Rudolph)

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