Creative Corner: Mason Parker

Mason Parker, a sophomore vocal music education major from Union City Tennessee, may be a twin but his music is most definitely one of a kind.

When Parker first came to UTM his initial intent was to major in physical therapy, but after a year he decided that his love for music was a love he could not abandon. “… I found that I loved much more than just the music we made.  I loved the opportunity to craft a story out of rhythms and notes.”

Growing up he was surrounded by music, having parents with a background in music themselves. He was first introduced to his talent when his mother started teaching a music class for toddlers but his love started to develop later, in his middle school band as well as his church choir.

Parker credited his parents for his love of music going on to say “…they showed me that special kind of glow when being a part of something you’re passionate about.” His parents planted his love of music which later flourished once he got into the UTM music program, allowing him to grow as a musician.

Parker dreams of combining his interests in physical therapy and vocal music by being a teacher and a football coach in the future.

“I believe this would be a cool way to bridge the gaps in a lot of schools, and it would provide an interesting perspective on both coaching and teaching,” Parker said.

As of  now, Parker is enjoying all the benefits of being a UTM Skyhawk.

“Being a Skyhawk means being challenged and overcoming challenges every single day, whether that be a test, speech, or forming a relationship with someone you might not otherwise speak to,” he said.

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