Column: Making sense of dating in the Millenial age

Column: Making sense of dating in the Millenial age

Millennials are a special generation that grew up during one the largest revolutions in history, the technology revolution.

Most of us grew up with computers, internet, cell phones and social media. We are the product of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. We live our lives on the edge, and we can’t seem to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes before something new comes calling our attention.

We are completely absorbed by the ‘me’ factor which means, if it doesn’t personally benefit us, then we don’t have time for it. We have unrealistic expectations of relationships and lifestyles from our years watching MTV and VH1.

Honestly, we don’t care if we have high expectations because we feel that we each deserve the best of everything. These behaviors are translating into the way that we view our relationships, and it’s killing the traditional marriage according to older generations.

As Millennials, in general, we are a liberal, accepting and non-religious generation that lives in the virtual world of digital communication. This results in a disconnected society that doesn’t know how to interact within itself. The disconnection from individuals results in a loss of the human factor of life which in turn has destroyed multi-generational families.

Millennials are not family-oriented, and those who are expect the ‘perfect’ husband, ‘perfect’ family, and ‘perfect’ life. The reality is that this perfection does not exist for everyone, and we have trouble understanding the fact that unless we get exceptionally lucky then we will not fulfill our wildest dreams. The lack of perfection destroys millennial families, as both men and women feel that if it’s not working then it’s not right.

We also have a very skewed perception of sexuality. Men expect perfect women who resemble Victoria’s Secret models while also wanting them to raise a family, work a job, and keep up a household. Women want men who resemble Calvin Klein models while also working a full time job, caring for house maintenance, and spending time with the family. Reality is that these qualities rarely come in a full package for either men or women, and that false perception leads to very disappointed individuals who would otherwise be satisfied if he or she took the time to understand reality.

Our job as millennials needs to be to give back to the growing world, but we can’t seem to see past our own empowerment. This will in turn destroy us if we don’t change soon. As technology continues to evolve, the next generation will have all of our qualities in addition to less patience, higher expectations and a more skewed perception of sexuality. If we fail to understand this, we are dooming ourselves as senior citizens as well as the rest of the world. The human factor is dissolving in our obsession with instantaneous information and responses, and our relationships are falling victim to our own expectations.

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