College employment should be optional, not a sentence

For most students finding a job is inevitable as they transition into the workforce or graduate school after graduating from college.

Though jobs should be optional, students do not often have the choice to focus on their studies rather than divide the time between school and work. With this in mind, many students on the UTM campus have mixed feelings about the topic.

Some students believe that students should have jobs during their college years. Working builds a strong work-ethic and teaches responsibilities and money management.

“Students should work while in college because it helps you learn how to balance time and gives future employers the impression that you can multi-task being that having a part-time job and going to school can be challenging and takes a great amount of responsibility,” said senior business management major Kali Runions.

However, other students believe that work only detracts students from focusing on their studies. Working takes time away from doing homework, working on projects or writing papers and studying for exams. It could also stress students into not sleeping adequate hours because they still have to finish school work.

“As a student it’s really hard to work but I think it’s possible,” said senior dietetics major Taryn Marter from Paris, Tennessee. “I agree it teaches you discipline but I think there should be a way you shouldn’t have to work cause it’s so stressful and some people have to have two or three jobs to get through school and that can be overwhelming.”

Students do agree though that they should have the choice on whether they work or not.

“It’s important for students in college to build the experience of working just so that when they get out of college they aren’t completely unaware of how things work in the real world,” said sophomore education major Lauren Hailey. “But I also do think that it’s important for college students to get the college experience and focus on school and even their relationships and other aspects of college rather than just working and trying to make money all the time. I don’t think that should consume a college student’s time cause I think they should enjoy college.”

In the end, students should have the choice on whether to work or not, so that students can succeed academically for their future career and or work to also build towards their future.

Staff Writer Shanell Hacker also contributed to this piece.

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