Campus construction to bring new look to UTM

Campus construction to bring new look to UTM

Over the past year, UTM has undergone a face-lift toward bigger and better things through the many construction projects on campus.

Several parts of UTM’s infrastructure have received a makeover, with innovative construction in the making.

According to physical plant administration director Tim Nipp via email interview, several projects have been completed.

  • Cooper Hall has seen the completion of four living-learning centers, where students will be able to take advantage of new academic resources.
  • The Elam Center’s wood basketball floor received an update. The restoration project sanded the existing wood floor clean of any markings that had accumulated on it, and the floor was given a new look for the Skyhawk basketball teams.
  • The University Center received several improvements as well, including a new Career Services section that will be opening soon.
  • Hardy Graham Stadium has been the focus of another renovation project over the summer. The stadium press box has received a new look for the coming football season, and should launch access beginning with the first football game on September 17th. In addition, Westview High School will play three home games in Hardy Graham Stadium prior to the press box’s opening.

Furthermore, there are several projects currently taking flight.

  • The sorority lodges near the current Grove Apartments have been in construction for the majority of 2016. The university says that the lodges will be closer to completion as the year progresses.
  • Several buildings have experienced roof damage over the past year. The roofs of Crisp Hall, Sociology Building and the Children’s Center have taken on some wear, and are currently receiving renovations. Sociology’s shingles are complete, but lack gutters and downspouts. Meanwhile, Crisp Hall is in the process of having its current shingles removed. All 3 roofs should be completed by end of October, including gutters and downspout work.

In addition to current and completed construction, UTM has plans for future investment projects.

  • Phase 2 of the Fine Arts Building’s renovations is awaiting completion of campus fundraising requirements.
  • Construction on the roof of Ellington Hall will also begin this fall. The Elam Center’s metal roof is also scheduled for replacement; the university is still shaping the design layout for the project.
  • UTM currently plans on upgrading the Electrical Distribution System. The university is currently in conjunction with Weakley County Electric and contractors. The upgrading is planned to take place in small phases during university holidays.
  • Improvements to the air conditioning system in the Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) Building are also underway. The schematic design phase has been reviewed, and the university is awaiting the design document phase of the drawings. There is currently no timetable for the project’s completion.
  • Further plans for future construction also includes adding brick entrance signs at each corner of the campus. These are being planned for erection during the coming fall and winter.

Overall, window and roof projects alone currently amount to $12,438,000 and general costs for the amassed projects listed have reached a sum of $41,648,000, according to Nipp.

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