Bond is back in ‘Spectre’

Bond is back in ‘Spectre’

The world’s most famous, not-so-secret agent is back. James Bond makes his return to the big screen in Spectre, Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as 007 and the twenty-fourth film in the Bond franchise.

Spectre takes place a few months after the events of Skyfall. After her death, M (formerly played by Dame Judi Dench) sends Bond on a secret mission to track down and kill a man from a sinister organization that no one seems to know anything about. Bond must tell no one, not even his MI6 colleagues or even his new boss.

Bond is lead on a wild goose chase, trying to find out what this organization is, who is involved and how he can stop them once and for all. Bond quickly finds that the leader of this organization, known as Spectre, is the man behind all of the plots he has foiled and all of his past misfortunes. For those who know the Bond films, Spectre is the name of the organization that Bond battled during the Sean Connery era in the ’60s. This organization has been referred to throughout Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond, but never mentioned by name. Bond must find a way to stop the leader of Spectre from unleashing a plot that will ensure the creation of a new world order with Spectre at its helm.

The plot is very reminiscent of the classic Bond of the ’60s. Although the whole “evil organization bent on world domination” plot is a bit overused now, fans will enjoy the return of Bond’s arch nemesis.

As usual, Daniel Craig plays the role of Bond with style and a nonchalant attitude that only Craig could bring to the role. Christoph Waltz gives an amazing performance as the film’s main antagonist. His sense of on-screen sarcasm and confidence makes his character’s role stand out from previous Bond baddies. Lea Seydoux plays a very confident leading lady and has excellent on-screen chemistry with Daniel Craig.

As expected from a Bond film, Spectre is filled with action, romance and adventure. Bond travels to plenty of exotic locations, beats plenty of bad guys and always seems to get the girl.

Overall, Spectre is a solid action title and a worthy sequel to Skyfall. Fans of the series will find themselves delighted, and the average moviegoer will enjoy every minute of the film.

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