Bass fishing team catches tough weather

The UTM Collegiate Bass Anglers Team (CBAT) did not let tough weather interfere with their competition on March 12 and 13 on Kentucky lake.

Nine UTM students competed in the “Big Bass Splash,” sponsored by Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing association. Out of the 450 people in attendance, UTM’s Dylan Fuller was able to place tenth overall, with his fish weighing in at 6.56 pounds.

This particular tournament is referred to as “Big Bass,” meaning that the angler with the largest fish wins.

The tournament was subject to an abnormal beginning as a result of harsh weather. In the world of fishing there is a process called “Pre-Fishing,” which gives anglers an opportunity to go out ahead of the tournament and fish to see what kinds of lures the fish prefer. Due to harsh weather in West Tenn. the week of the tournament, many of the anglers were not able to pre-fish before the tournament. This factor, combined with torrential rains, made it a difficult weekend for fishing.

There were eight weigh-ins over the course of two days, and the top ten fish were recorded at each. This process is done carefully, as the fish caught are not kept. After catching a fish, the angler places it into a bin of water until the time for weighing, at that point the fish is transferred to a bag of water which is weighed. The fish may then be returned to the lake safely.

UTM’s bass team is a club team rather than an officially sanctioned university team. As a result, they do not have regular practices as a team, instead hosting meetings to discuss future tournaments. Club tournaments take place between UTM’s fishers, and survive as a means of determining which anglers can be competitive in larger tournaments. These larger tournaments, such as the Big Bass Splash at Paris Landing State Park, give the anglers an opportunity to gather points as a team to see which school can get the most “School of the Year Points.”

Anglers also have the opportunity to compete in a regional tournament towards the beginning of the year. Depending on the standings at the end of the tournament, they may then qualify to go to a national event.

The next tournament that the CBAT will have the opportunity to compete in will take place April 1–2. Students interested in joining the CBAT can find the team on OrgSync.

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